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Any legal problem can throw your life into turmoil. Under the best circumstances, working your way through the court system can be a scary and intimidating experience. This is especially true when you’re facing criminal, juvenile and/or family law problems. Your personal freedoms, family wellbeing and financial future may be on the line. During these difficult times, your choice of an attorney is critical.

At the Law Office of Danny McDaniel, my mission is to give you the personal attention and aggressive representation you need to overcome the life-changing issues you're facing and to help restore your dignity, security and wellbeing. If your freedom is in jeopardy, you are facing serious family problems or a minor child is at risk, the choice is clear. I will dedicate the necessary time and resources needed inside and outside the courtroom to provide timely results every step of the way.
Personal Attention and Aggressive Representation when you need it most!
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Early intervention by an attorney may be crucial to effectively protect your freedoms, interests and constitutional rights. To discuss your criminal, juvenile or family law matters please call me at 469-464-5387 or fill out my simple contact form. Evening and weekend appointments are available.
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I recently met with a potential juvenile client who is charged under the Texas Graffiti Statute for making three small marks on school property with a Sharpie “Permanent” Marker. In this case, the marks were on tile walls; therefore, they were not truly permanent. All the marks were removed with soap, water and a little elbow grease from the young offender. Not that long ago, this would have been a “no harm, no foul” offence, and, at most, the child would have been put in in-school suspension as a reminder not to offend again.
Unfortunately, that is not the case. Under our current law, this is a State Jail Felony.
Juvenile Justice Blog
Posted August 25, 2012
By Danny McDaniel
Family Justice Blog
Collaborative Law is a relatively new dispute resolution process for families seeking a “win-win” solution for all parties. The collaborative process recognizes that the experience of ending a marriage or relationship is hard enough. Attorneys and the courts should not make the experience worse by adding to the conflict or by causing parties to feel more threatened or vulnerable. The collaborative process is ideal for parties committed to resolving their differences justly and equitably without using the family courts. The parties and their attorneys agree to work together and meet together respectfully and in good faith to find “win-win” solutions that support the future well-being of the family.

Collaborative Law is a team approach where parties have access to various professionals, each specializing in a different field of expertise. The collaborative team typically includes the attorneys, licensed counselors as coaches for the parties, child psychologists to give the children a voice in the process and a financial specialist to help advise the parties on the impact of their financial decisions.
Posted September 7, 2012
By Danny McDaniel